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Roof Cleaning

We use a safe and effective soft wash roof cleaning process to eliminate dark streaks and moss growth from your roof.

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Worry Free Roof Washing Process

We know how difficult it is to get up on a roof to clean it. It is a difficult task that can be scary at times. If you are in the Akron or Canton area in Ohio and have a roof that needs washing, HydroClean Exteriors is here for you. We offer professional roof cleaning services in Stark County and Summit County and we guarantee your satisfaction.

HydroClean Exteriors specializes in roof washing and will leave your roof looking spotless. Don’t let grime and algae shorten the life of your roof. We use a soft wash process that will leave your roof looking as good as new without any damage.

Roof Cleaning
Clean Asphalt Roof on House

Our Services

HydroClean Exteriors uses a soft pressure roof cleaning solution that will cut right through lichen, dirt, and algae to leave your roof looking like new. We will never use harsh chemicals or high pressure when cleaning your roof. We want to leave it better than when we got there, not damage it in any way.


Our expertly trained professionals know exactly how to take care of your roof and are experts in everything roof washing or cleaning. They will go to any length to ensure that your roof looks its best and is in tip-top shape. We are happy to come by any time, whether you are home or not. We know how busy life gets, so if you contract us, rest assured that we will get the job done in a timely fashion and leave you with excellent results. Your satisfaction is our goal and we won’t stop until we have it.

Stay Protected

HydroClean Exteriors provides fully experienced and well-trained professionals to handle each and every job. We take pride in our professionalism and will always finish a job in a timely manner and with precision and care.


We carry insurance so that your home and property is covered. In the case of an accident, you have nothing to worry about. We carry full coverage insurance and guarantee our customers’ satisfaction. If you aren’t happy, we’ll make it right.

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Our Guarantee

Each member of our team is highly qualified and skillfully trained in roof cleaning. For each and every job, we value our customers’ feedback. We want you to be 100% satisfied, or we will give you your money back. Of course, we don’t believe that will happen.

If you need roof cleaning services in Akron or Canton, Ohio, then HydroClean Exteriors is who you should hire. Don’t hesitate. Contact us today and we guarantee your roof will be as good as new. Our roof washing and cleaning services are the best of the best and we will do whatever we can to satisfy each of our customers.

Don’t waste another minute with a dirty roof. It is not only not pleasant to look at, but can cause further damage. Let the experts take care of it for you today. Contact HydroClean Exteriors and let us take care of your roof cleaning needs.

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