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4 Reasons Driveway Sealing Should Be Your Next Project

If you have never had your driveways sealed or it has been a few years, here are some reasons to get it done!

With so many projects on every homeowner’s list, how do you know which one you should take on next?  Have you thought about having your driveway sealed?  Driveway sealing is a relatively inexpensive investment into the first area that any family and friends will see when coming for a visit.  This is a project that can boost your curb appeal while saving you money down the road.  Let’s take a look at 4 great reason’s to find a driveway sealing pro near you.

Driveway Sealing Helps Prevent Cracking

We are located in Canton Ohio, an area that sees a heavy freeze / thaw cycle.  Over 70% of the US sees at least some freezing every winter.  Every time your driveway freezes and thaws, it is at risk of cracking.  The reason for this is the porous nature of concrete.  If water has the opportunity to fill the pores and small cracks that naturally occur in your concrete driveway, the subsequent freezing will eventually cause larger cracks.  With each cycle, these cracks get bigger and bigger until there is a full break in your driveway.  Your concrete driveway does not stand a chance against the pressure that is created by freezing water.  In fact, there is no material in the world that can withstand the pressure caused by water freezing (estimated at 115,000 psi).

With the above being true, sealing your driveway does not prevent cracking by making it stronger, it prevents the water from filling the porous concrete.  A good penetrating sealer with fill the small cracks and pores which in turn, protects your driveway from the viscous freeze / thaw cycle.  

Driveway Sealing Protects From Staining

In a similar way to preventing driveway cracking, sealing your driveway can prevent staining.  By allowing a penetrating sealer to fill the cracks and pores in your driveway’s surface, it can prevent things like oil, dirt and other organic material from being absorbed.  When the “would be” stains are kept on the surface, removal is easy and permanent stains will be a thing of the past.  

Increased Curb Appeal

Sealing your driveway can be great for curb appeal for a couple of reasons.  First, if you have your driveway professionally cleaned, following it with a sealcoat will help it look great for even longer.  I have seen concrete that looks clean after several years of normal traffic because of a great driveway sealer.  

The image below is from a sidewalk where the sealed area met the unsealed area.  The sealer was applied 3 years prior and there was no cleaning before the photo was taken.

Concrete Cleaned and Sealed

In addition to keeping your driveway clean for longer, you can change the appearance with different types of driveway sealer.  You can use a wet look sealer to give a slight glossy look.  Some of the wet look sealers even give a little bit of a sparkly affect.  You can even use tinted sealers that can make your driveway look completely different.  But one thing is for sure, a clean and sealed driveway is great for curb appeal. 

Sealing Your Driveway Helps Save Money

Some times, homeowners can suffer a little sticker shock when price a professional driveway sealing job. However, when you look at the value of this preventative service, it becomes a no brainer.  According to The Concrete Network, replacing a typical 2 car driveway costs between $12 and $18 per sqft.  Cleaning and sealing your driveway typically costs less than $1 per sqft.  By sealing your driveway, you are saving an enormous amount of money down the road.

In addition to the large savings, there can be some smaller savings found in the driveway sealing such as the money you will save in cleaning costs by increasing the time between professional cleanings.   


As you can see, there are many benefits to getting your driveway sealed.  Who doesn’t love an easy home improvement project with so much upside?  Any reputable contractor will give you a free quote, just search for “driveway sealing near me” and you will find plenty of options.  If you are in the Akron / Canton Ohio area, click the button below and we will be more than happy to care of this project for you!

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