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Concrete cleaning and sealing explained

Concrete cleaning seems like a very straightforward task that most homeowners can easily tackle on their own.  While in fact, great looking concrete is not easily obtained.  There are many factors that can determine the outcome and many things to consider to avoid an undesirable look and even potential damage.  This will be an in-depth article that will answer commonly asked questions concrete cleaning and concrete sealing from our customers. 

Should I use a professional concrete cleaning company?

Many people are unsure if they need a professional concrete cleaning service or if they should go ahead and do it themselves.  Obviously, any business will tell you that it is better to use their service.  But, there are some instances where you can tackle this job on your own.  For example, small concrete cleaning jobs can usually be completed by the homeowner.  Reputable pressure washing companies will typically have a minimum charge that can cause too much of an expense for the small jobs.  Additionally, with smaller jobs, you are less likely to notice striping that is commonly caused by consumer grade pressure washers. 


If you are looking to have large areas like a driveway cleaned or you have staining or rust problems, these jobs are best left to the professionals for optimum results.


What type of concrete can be cleaned and sealed?

We have cleaned and sealed about any imaginable type of concrete or paver area in the Canton Ohio area.  Anything from concrete driveways, walkways and paver patios.  Both commercial concrete and residential.  The exceptions would be new concrete, less than a year old or damaged concrete with severe cracking and loose pieces.

How often should it be cleaned and sealed? 

There are a couple things to consider when determining how often to clean your concrete.  One of the biggest factors is the amount of traffic. When considering a driveway cleaning service, you will want to try having it cleaned annually.  This allows for the best results and provides great curb appeal.  Areas that see less traffic can be on an every 2 to 3 year schedule.

Concrete sealing is usually completed every 3 to 5 years.  This will often be on the sealer manufacturer’s timeline.  It will also depend on the type of concrete sealer you choose, which will be discussed later.

Should I Have The Concrete Sealed?

Sealing concrete is often something that is overlooked by homeowners.  Sealing the concrete on a regular schedule adds life and protects your concrete from the elements.  It can be very stressful when spring comes and you notice that little crack in your driveway has grown or opened up.   

Failing to properly maintain your driveway or walkways can result in high replacement costs.  According to the Concrete Network, the average cost of replacement ranges from $8 to $18 per square foot.  With the average driveway being 640 square feet, that totals $5,120 to $11,520.  Remember, maintaining is always cheaper than replacing.

What Type of Sealer?

There are several types of concrete sealers that are used for different types of projects.  

At HydroClean Exteriors, we use a natural looking penetrating sealer.  We believe that this is the best type of driveway sealer for Northeast Ohio weather.  It provides an element of water proofing, protection from salt damage, and protection from the freeze/thaw cycle.  Although our go to is a natural look sealer, we can accommodate homeowners who prefer a sealer with more of a shine.  

In addition to penetrating sealers, there are also:

  • Acrylic Sealers 
  • Siloxane Sealers
  • Epoxy Sealers
  • Film – Forming sealers

What is the Concrete Cleaning Process?

At HydroClean Exteriors we have a tried and true 4 step process to clean your driveway, walkways, and patios.  

  1. Pre-Treat: Using a dedicated 12 volt application system we pre-treat the concrete with a proprietary solution.  This begins breaking down organic matter and allows us to clean with a slightly lower amount of pressure.  Too much pressure can damage concrete.
  2. We then run our contractor grade surface cleaner across every inch of the concrete.  This removes moss, dirt, and grime.
  3. Post-Treat:  Our post treating process is similar to the pre-treat.  This ensures that there is no striping or streaks left from the surface cleaner. 
  4. Finally is a thorough rinse with the pressure washer wand.  Using a dedicated wand tip to reduce pressure, we rinse the concrete entirely to remove any leftover dirt.  This leaves the concrete uniformly clean and looking new.  

At this point, if a sealer is going to be applied, we allow the concrete to dry.  This will be a minimum of 24 hours, weather permitting.  Concrete sealer is then applied the following day.


 How Much Does Pressure Washing Concrete Cost?



The cost for concrete cleaning and sealing differs based on several factors.  Obviously the amount of concrete, type of surface.  This could be typical cement cleaning, paver cleaning, stamped concrete cleaning etc…  If you want the best concrete cleaning company in Canton, Ohio get your free quote here.